CB POA: Notice of Friendly Reminder

CB POA: Notice of Friendly Reminder

Spring is in the air!  The dormant season has passed and as such, neighbors are encouraged to focus on maintaining your lawns in accordance with the rules and regulations stated in the CC&Rs.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

    1. Mow, edge and weed
    2. Maintain Shrubs/Trees (trimming, pruning and removal when necessary).  Trees should be kept at an 8-foot clearance. Shrubs should not protrude into sidewalks.
    3. Removing grass/weeds from beds and expansion joints
    4. Remember to include your side yards when maintaining your lawn.

Garbage containers seem to have become a repetitive issue in the community as of late.  The number of homes sited during inspection continues to rise and neighbors are voicing their concerns.  As a reminder, trash containers are to be stored out of view when not in use (out for pickup).  We should not be able to see your trash container from the street.  Trash cans should not be put out for pickup prior to 8:00 pm the evening before trash day and should be put away no later than 10:00 pm on the day of trash pickup. This also coincides with the City of Austin’s ordinance as well.  Please see http://austintexas.gov/page/common-austin-code-violations for more details.

Here are a few reminders as it relates to parking in the community:

  1. No more than two vehicles per dwelling are allowed to be kept on any lot for any period of time in excess of 72 hours.
  2. No vehicle may be parked on any street overnight.
  3. No Commercial vehicle nor vehicle of more than 1 ton may be parked in the subdivision overnight.
  4. No vehicle may be stored in the community (more than 7 consecutive days).
  5. No vehicle maintenance is allowed in the community.
  6. No machinery, boats, motorcycle trailer, hovercraft, aircraft, recreational vehicle, pick-up camper, travel trailer, motor home, camper, or similar vehicle or equipment may be stored in driveway (front or back) nor on any street in the community.

Regarding Architectural Control, as a reminder please refer to Article IV, Section 4.4 titled “Procedure for Approval.”  Any exterior change including additions and/or modifications will require architectural approval prior to beginning.  There is an ARC form available.  You may contact Deborah.Rainosek@Inframark.com to request this document.

Fence condition review is also included during inspections and some of the most common things noted include:

  1. Damaged or missing pickets.
  2. Fence stain needed.
  3. Fence gate damaged.
  4. Fence leaning.

Please take a moment to survey your fence for any need repairs.  Keep in mind that fence replacement will require and ARC form be submitted for approval prior to.

Basketball goals should be stored out of view when not in use and no permanent goals are allowed.

House numbers must be visible at all times from the street.  Please survey your landscaping to make sure that your house numbers are not covered by any tree, shrub, plant, vine, etc.

During the use of any amenity such as pool, park, playground, walking trail, all rules that apply must be followed.  This includes but is not limited to NO PETS IN POOL AREA and owners/residents must PICK UP BEHIND YOUR PET(S).

All community rules can be found in your CC&Rs beginning on page 6, Article III titled Restrictions on use of Lots.  We encourage everyone to familiarize yourself with such rules to avoid violation enforcement in the future.

Covered Bridge POA is a proud community comprised of beautiful homes and we want to maintain the aesthetics and value of the community.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Community Management Company (Inframark, LLC) by calling 281-870-0585 or by emailing Deborah.Rainosek@Inframark.com or Nicole.Nelson-Hardeman@Inframark.com.

Please visit your community website at http://www.coveredbridgeaustin.org/ for the latest, up- to-date information regarding Community Meetings, Policies, Amenities, and Events!

Thank you for your attention to these matters!

Kind Regards,

Nicole R. Nelson-Hardeman

Community Manager

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